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Board of Directors

Bill Lowery, President 

The President shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors, and shall see that orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried out, and sign all notes, checks, leases, mortages, deeds and all other written instruments as may be incidental to the orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors. (Article X, 10.4)

Nina Orr, Vice President

The Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in the event of his absence. ( Article X, 10.5)

Karen Conner, Secretary

The Secretary shall be "ex-officio" the Secretary of the Board of Directors, and shall record the vote and keep minutes of all proceedings in a book to be kept for such purpose. He shall keep the records of the Association. He shall record in a book kept for such purpose the names of all Members of the Association together with their addresses as registered by such Members. The Secretary shall give notice of meetings as required, and shall receive and file proxies of Members as provided in Article XIII herof.  ( Article X, 10.6)

Gwen Pool, Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive and deposit in appropriate bank accounts all monies of the Association and shall disburse such funds as directed by resolution of the Board of Directors; provide, however, that a resolution of the Board of Directors shall not be necessary for disbursements made in the ordinary course of business conducted within the limits of a budget adopted by the Board. The Treasurer shall sign all checks, and notes of the Association, provide that such checks and notes shall also be signed by the President or Vice President in his absence. (Article X, 10.7)

Article X, 10.8   Bookeeping. The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and cause an annual review of the Association books to be made by a public accountant at the completion of each physical year. The Treasurer shall prepare the annual budgets and an annual balance sheet statement and budget and balance sheet statement shall be persented to the membership at its regular annual meeting.

Trish Jones, Director

Charlotte Gibson, Director

Doris Ingram, Director


Hazel Clanton, Associate Director

You may review the process for nominations, election, and terms of service of officers in the By Laws of the Corporation posted here on this site. ( "By-Laws", "Articles of Inc." tabs)

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