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A Letter from the Board

March 29, 2017

Dear Tutwiler Farm Resident,

At our Annual HOA meeting on March 20th, the HOA members who were present (over 100) had the opportunity not only to hear our Mayor Buddy Choat speak concerning the growth and plans for our city, but they also had the opportunity to see plans for a new entrance “Secure Gateway” to be constructed on the entrance island just north of the entrance island crossover. I had the privilege of introducing Phillip McAfee, Project Manager of the new “Homestead Village” shopping center, as our guest speaker to bring residents up to date on the progress of the shopping center, business commitments, and opening dates. It was also exciting to inform the members that, after many months of working with Phillip, the Tutwiler Farm Board of Directors (TFBD) and Blackwater Resources (Homestead Village Developer) have been successful in working out an agreement for Blackwater Resources to not only fund but also construct the “Secure Gateway Project” for the HOA.

The security building will be a 10’x10’ unmanned stone building with electronic “Car Tag Reader” cameras (entering and exiting) and perimeter cameras to provide security around the perimeter of our entrance. An online survey we conducted many months ago indicated the biggest concern of our residents was safety and security as our city grows and as businesses are beginning to surround our entrance. We anticipate more foot traffic at the entrance going to and from the new shopping center by our residents and also more potential nonresident traffic coming into our neighborhood due to the shopping center’s location. The new “Secure Gateway” will provide as much safety and security for our families as possible when passing through the entrance and it will also provide valuable backup for the Trussville Police Department (TPD) in the event of an unfortunate incident in our neighborhood. Hopefully there will never be a need for the TPD to access the secure data stored at our Gateway, but if there happens to be a need it will be available to them. This project has been in the works for over two years. As a non-mandatory HOA we are unable to be a gated community; however, we are making every effort to appear to be a gated community and as secure as one possibly can be. In addition to the security building, inoperable iron gates will be installed, permanently welded back. After the project is complete, whether traveling North, South or coming out of Homestead Village the entrance will appear not only to be gated, but secure and monitored. The majority of all residential gated communities are now not manned. The positioning of the “Secure Gateway” is ideal due to the fact we have a crossover just prior to the “Secure Gateway.” This project also has been championed by the mayor and the TPD. The only expense of the HOA for this project is the upgrade cost of using stone rather than brick, the electronics, and any landscaping, for a total of approximately $7,000. Blackwater Resources has graciously agreed to construct and fund the rest at a cost to them of approximately $27,000. After much discussion the TFBD made the decision to use stone rather than brick to reflect the historical look of Trussville, as many stone structures are used throughout Trussville. There will be no monthly monitoring cost associated with the “Secure Gateway” and we will be able to close a rental unit the HOA has for storing Christmas decorations that has been costing $89.00 a month. Construction should start in late April.

If you are a member of the HOA we thank you for your valuable support. If you are new to our neighborhood we encourage you to join and be a part of the things we do and are obligated to do. Our entrance property, street sign maintenance, annual flower planting, property insurance, and taxes are all funded by the HOA. Our annual budget for expenses alone is approximately $22,000 annually. It is by being prudent with the dues received and working with those like Blackwater Resources who are willing to partner with us as neighbors that we are able to do the things we do. This comes with a lot of effort and volunteer time by the TFBD without asking for any additional fundraisers or asking anyone to volunteer to cut grass or do work at the entrance property we own.
 If you are a resident who didn’t join last year, please join us and be part of those that contribute and do their fair share. Wouldn’t you and your family like to say you had a part in what we do?
By being responsible and working with our business neighbors as mentioned, we do not have a reason to increase HOA dues. Our dues will remain only $100 annually. The HOA is very financially sound; however, we need your support to stay that way.
Your contribution is an investment in maintaining the value of your property, the appearance of the road that leads to it, and the security and safety of your family.


Bill Lowery, President

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